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I Am Bill Tran a Software Engineer a Guitarist a Vietnamese

I Am a Software Engineer

I am Bill Tran, a rising sophomore at Connecticut College, New London, CT, US, double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics with deep interest in Web Development and Machine Learning.

I have experience in Backend Development using Python, Flask, and MySQL, as well as basic Machine Learning using sklearn. I also have academic research experience, having published a paper on the application of Sentiment Analysis in higher education setting. My latest experience is at Got It AI, where I worked as a Backend Engineer during my gap year.

When not having to fix bugs, I enjoy writing technical blogs, playing my guitar, and chilling to Jazz.

  • Connecticut College

    Bachelor of Arts

    Computer Science & Mathematics

  • Hanoi - Amsterdam High School


  • Software Engineer

    Got It AI

  • Software Engineer

    STEAM For Vietnam

  • Research Assistant

    Connecticut College

  • Software Engineer Intern

    Rabiloo Co., LTD

  • Developed Backend services for Got It Conversational AI product

    Python, Flask, MySQL, Memcached, Redis, SQLAlchemy, Marshmallow

  • Launched a MOOC platform to deliver coding courses to students

    Python, Django, HTML, CSS, Docker, Kubernetes, DigitalOcean

  • Study potential applications of Sentiment Analysis in education

    Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, IBM Watson Tone Analyzer

  • Performed Sentiment Analysis for data-driven customer support

    Python, Jupyter Notebook, sklearn, numpy, pandas

Technical Skills

Programming Languages

Python, SQL, Java, Ruby, HTML & CSS

Relational Databases

MySQL, SQLite3, PostgreSQL

NoSQL Databases

Memcached, Redis, Firebase


Flask, Django, Ruby on Rails

Version Control

Git, GitHub

Operating Systems

MacOS, Windows, Ubuntu

My Projects

Web Development . Machine Learning
Comment Sentiment Detector


My Blogs and Publications

Let's Get In Touch


+84 937 050 601




Hanoi, Vietnam